January is a time to set new intentions and health goals. For many a detox or dry January are the first things that usually jump to mind and whilst I believe that they can add significant value in supporting detoxification, I personally feel that you can benefit so much more from making positive changes to your diet that has the potential to deliver long lasting results.

TWJ Body Rejuvenate

So, this January, rather than sign up to a diet where you are likely to experience hunger pains, bloating and then later have to face the yo-yo weight effect, let me show you how to use the power of food to not only get you to your desired weight, but also how to optimise your health and most importantly your energy.

Working on a 1:1 basis where we review your 5-day diet diary can be much more effective than just cutting out sugar or alcohol or going on a strict diet. The reason for this is that we can really gain a deeper understanding of blood sugar balance, energy metabolism, detoxification and how to support healthy hormonal balance, which is important for both women and men.

The session will involve:

  1. a review of your completed 5-day diet diary, which needs to be completed prior to the session
  2. suggestions on how to optimise nutrient intake looking at foods that you enjoy and don’t enjoy
  3. meal suggestions and recipe ideas
  4. a discussion around how best to balance your blood sugar, with a view to support weight loss and reduce inflammation
  5. focus on one key symptom/goal that you would like support with

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