Stiana has been really helpful from my first interaction and made a big difference in my personal life and training too!
From more energy, no bloating, better training, feeling stronger and happier! I am such a fussy eater as well so I must be a nightmare as the diet change was quite a overhaul for me but I am sticking to it and Stiana is suggesting different things that I really like! and supporting me!
I am getting comments already about physic change and I need a new belt! and I was not after loosing weight but I am getting more toned! Looking forward to future results and continued support!
A great person to help you in your goals.. I am a Vet 40 runner already at a high level but I want to be better and already had 2 PB improvements since working with Stiana most recent 3k 8:58…

J.A (2018)

I have been seen by the wellness junction for the last month and a half after struggling with ibs for years. In the first month I have had to eliminate a lot of foods but feel so much better and has lost 8lb in a month with no ibs attacks. Looking forward to start introducing foods back in now.
D. S (2018)

I have been working Stiana since November. Initially I went to see if she could help with constipation, weight loss and poor quality sleep. Fast approaching my 50th birthday, I wanted to feel good, not just okay.  She explained that the gut is a fragile organ and all the yo-yo dieting and abuse I’d given it over many years takes its toll and we needed to restore things back to how things should be and get things moving! Within weeks I could see a massive improvement with the constipation and the pounds have continued to come off without me thinking about it. Sleep is still a work in progress, but I know what I should be doing! Unfortunately for me it hasn’t been a quick fix, as there are other issues that we have had to get to the bottom of, but we are getting there. I can finally see the light at the end of tunnel. From the offset I was really impressed by Stiana’s professionalism and passion for the job. I had to complete a food dairy and health questionnaire prior to my initial consultation. She had already come up with a comprehensive plan for me and full explanation of everything I would be doing at the first meeting. I’m not going to lie, at times it’s been hard following the plan as life sometimes get in the way, but I’ve stuck with it as I really don’t want to go back to feeling how I used to. I have gained so much knowledge through doing the plan and listening to Stiana. It really has made a massive difference to my life.
C.D (2018)

I started working with Stiana in October this year wanting to understand the detail of nutrition and well being and how by getting the basics right and understanding your connection with nutrition, this can positively influence so many aspects of your life such as weight, energy and mood.  It’s been really enlightening for me, I had no real idea the effect certain foods can have on you both positively and negatively.  It’s not just food we’ve looked at, but overall well being in sleep and stress amongst other things.  The difference I feel and see in myself over the past 2 months has been fantastic and this is from small tweaks and changes to my current lifestyle, nothing drastic so totally manageable.  I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Stiana.

E.G (2018)

I’ve been working with Stiana since January on my goals to improve sleep, concentrations, lose some body fat and improve training recovery/performance. In just 3 months the changes I’ve felt have been beyond what I thought I could achieve, hitting all my goals and even chasing bigger ones moving forward. If you want someone who is extremely knowledgeable to set out an incredibly detailed plan for your nutritional and even lifestyle goals, then Stiana is the person for you! She’ll make a plan specified to you and motivate you to stay on track throughout the process, making a seemingly difficult challenge a lot easier.
J. D (2018)

A Great Help. As a pensioner with a weight loss problem & having had numerous tests, scans etc, without a satisfactory conclusion, I duly contacted Stiana. Her understanding & explanation of my bodies’ nutritional needs, together with her extensive knowledge, have been a great help & my weight has now stabilised. The changes I have made to my diet, on her advice, will no doubt benefit me in the future.
R.M (2017)