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Aren’t peppers just the cutest veggies going? I love their shape and the little magic that lies within when you open them, all so perfectly constructed (I wouldn’t be surprised if the fairies had something to do with it). It’s not surprising that they are so good for us. Their beautiful red colour make them an excellent source of carotenoids and vitamin C. It is said that the carotenoid and vitamin C levels increase with ripening so don’t be afraid to let them stand for a few days before you eat them.

We know that heat can damage the nutrients in food and peppers are especially sensitive to loosing their phytonutrients. Studies have shown that grilling a pepper for 7-8 minutes at 150 C around 40% of the luteolin (a flavonoid) was lost. So if you want to cook them do so for a short time at a low heat. Such a shame stir fries don’t cut it as they taste soooooo good. Maybe try stir trying them at a lower temperature or just accept that they will have a great deal less to offer.

So here’s my raw version of stuffed Red peppers. They will be a perfect treat in the warmer months and your body will thank you for all these beautiful nutrients your sending within.