New Year
As the curtain for 2019 draws, you get the opportunity to reflect on this past year. Whatever your journey involved this year, it is time to let go of any negative emotions.
Negative emotions can make significant imprints into our minds and DNA. The stronger the emotions, the greater the stress chemical response that triggers us to live in survival mode (fight or flight). The more we replay the emotion/event, the greater the long-term impact to our health. I am sure everyone can relate to the impact of a negative situation that constantly keeps replaying in your mind, triggering the very same stress chemical response.
Our natural survival instincts is to try and avoid the situation from happening again and in doing so we keep the situation alive through our thoughts.
As Joe Dispenza rightly points out: “This process is how the conditioning process begins – by continuously experiencing a thought and a feeling, an image and an emotion, and a stimulus and a response. In this repetitive process, not only is the memory logged in the brain, but additionally, the emotion or feeling is being conditioned into the body. It’s also how the body becomes beholden to chemical instructions, and as a result, the body becomes subconsciously conditioned to be the mind of that emotion. Now the trauma lives in the body as well as the brain.”
By recalling the same memory over and over again, we are creating deeply embedded neural pathways. The sad part is that our perception of the world becomes based on these memories and these stories we tell ourselves. For many of us, we keep ourselves locked in the past, rather than being in the present.

Meditation is a wonderful way to bring your attention to the present moment. Within this practice you can teach yourself how to place your attention where your energy is in the present moment. Being in the present moment allows you to break the energetic bond with this person or event and in doing so (over and over as it may well keep reoccurring to start with), you will no longer feel the emotions associated.
This process is coupled with forgiveness. True forgiveness is breaking that energetic bond and very often painful past. You can still be left with the memory, but this time without the emotional charge attached to it.
By holding your attention on the past, you are allowing the person or event to hold you emotionally hostage for the rest of your life. This may very well result in you giving up your energy and power to create a beautiful and happy life for yourself.
Let go, forgive, be present and let your beautiful energy glow as you create the exact chapter you want to write in 2020.
Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2020.
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