Our environment, food, lifestyle has changed so much over the last fifty years, and disease rates have never been this high. This means that each and every one of us needs to be more vigilant when it comes to our health. Our food and lifestyle choices as well as our thoughts are actively impacting our health.

There is so much we can do on a daily basis to support our physical body, mind and soul, we just need to prioritise the time to do it. Believe me when I say, I know just how difficult it can be, but I also know just how important it is for me to wake up every morning with energy and good health. There was a time when I genuinely thought I would never experience it again, but commitment, dedication, learning and taking action has changed this for me and for so many of my amazing clients.

Connection between Coeliac and Thyroid Disease

You don’t have to feel sluggish or tired all the time. You definitely don’t have to struggle with ongoing constipation or irregular bowel movements. Whether you are battling with ongoing health issues or not, your health should always be your number one priority.

The challenge for many is often knowing where to start and how best to do things. Trust me when I say, you don’t have to complicate things, but you do need to understand what areas to focus on. This coming week, I am going to share some information on one of THE most important functions of your body.


Yes, I know you’re thinking but why now when Christmas is around the corner, isn’t it all a bit early for this?!

NO! Your liver is detoxifying daily whether it is January or not. So, guess what, you can learn some great tips on how you can improve your detoxification and the health of your liver, hormones, thyroid, immune system and guess what your weight too!

Connection between Coeliac and Thyroid Disease

Starting tomorrow (Monday the 7th), you can join me for four days where you will no doubt learn how you can love your liver. I am also doing two guest interviews Tuesday and Wednesday evening at 7pm and a fabulous 🎁GIVEAWAY🎁 for two lucky winners.

I look forward to seeing you over on Instagram or Facebook where you can all join in to learn to love your liver.

Happy Sunday to you all.

Connection between Coeliac and Thyroid Disease